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CEO Vantage can help you re-align the pieces of your business puzzle!


Can your team see through the business dynamics with clarity and identify the growth bottlenecks?


Does your team have the business acumen to come up with the strategy to tackle the business challenges?


Do you have the right measurements in place to drive business decisions in the right direction?

CEO Vantage, the catalyst

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CEO Buddy

CEOs and senior executives tend to be lonely people - they don't have many people they can turn to, to discuss business bottlenecks and get sound advice on.

Getting the right buddy can supercharge your success, quickly!

Team Turbo Charger

Can your team paint the big picture of your business and clearly define bottlenecks and opportunities? Without clarity, your team may be wandering and shooting in the dark!

Let's align your team in the right direction!

Business Dashboard

How's the health of your business and can you define it as a number? What gets measured, gets managed!

Wouldn't it help your team to know how to measure and contribute to business success?

About CEO Vantage

As a leader, you have multiple challenges to deal with, day-to-day. Execution. People. Customers. Growth. Time management. Leadership. Communication. Cost cutting. Capital investments. Is your day crazy busy and does it seem like an endless list of tasks and projects? What if you had access to the sharpest minds that can help your team rise above the seeming business chaos and bring clarity and purpose to your business activities?

Sandesh Joshi, co-founder of CEO Vantage, is an entrepreneur with a passion to build and lead world class teams that deliver on time, every time. He has hands on experience from working on technology product development to leading and managing multi-cultural teams for a variety of deliverables.

Sandesh has a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Bombay, one of the top universities in the world and a Masters degree from NCSU (Raleigh, USA). He started his first company within three years out of college and has grown the company multi-fold over the years. He brings to the table his sharp analytical mind, the passion to surpass customer expectations and the business acumen to generate business value for his customers.

Surendra Joshi, co-founder CEO Vantage, is a serial entrepreneur with more than 40 years of business experience, starting, managing and developing multi-cultural teams. He brings with him vast business knowledge and experience to assimilate problems within minutes and provide a savvy solution to every situation.

Surendra is on the board of directors of multiple businesses and has driven them to success, time and again with his astute business acumen.

Beyond the co-founders, CEO Vantage team also includes a group of very successful active CEOs, managing and growing their own companies! CEO Vantage team is unique because each team member is an active CEO managing their own company, are recognized locally for their exceptional business success and are willing to give back to the business community by offering advisory services at the same time!


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